Revenue Opportunities for Shopify Websites


Find out your cost per Acquisition per Channel
Filter website visitors by traffic source
Track all the costs of your digital Marketing Campaigns
See how visitors journey through your website to conversions
Find out your Sales or Leads for a given date range

Shopify Marketers, why do you need 3funnel?

Stop wasting time and money! Get Visibility on your Online Sales Funnel

why do you need 3funnel
Visually see what’s Driving Sales

Visually see what’s Driving Sales

Simple but impactful visuals that tell you at a glance what’s working. Stop reacting and start making smart decisions with your budget

Save Time & Cut Manual Reports

Save Time & Combine Analytics

With 3Funnel, you see all you need in one place. Find your best performing digital channels and work out cost per acquisition for each sale

Engage Wow and Retain Clients

Fine Tune Conversion Rates

Conversions are the lifeblood of your business. Get key insights that allow you to increase conversion rates and stretch budgets by 25%

who is 3funnel for?

3funnel is for Shopify professionals. People that understand their marketing & sales funnel is the core of their business.

Shopify Marketers

  • Selling Online
  • Campaign RoI
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • Need dedicated tools

Stretch your marketing budget by 25%

Shopify Owners

  • Selling Online
  • Using AdWords
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Need more than GA

Integrates With

integrates with

the insights we provide for you

Find Blockages in your Sales Funnel

Increasing website conversions can be a lot more cost effective than doubling ad spend.

Set Targets for your Marketing Team

Develop a clear marketing plan your team can access anywhere. Work towards targets every month.


Benchmark your website Performance

Where should you be spending your time and resources? Where are the competition? Let 3funnel shine a light

Presenting Digital Marketing Plans

You need dedicated software to clearly communicate marketing plans. Get buy in from decision makers.


A handful of happy clients

Join the Shopify professionals who use 3Funnel everyday...

  • the search mill
  • the search mill

3funnel gives me visibility over my online marketing spend and the sales this drives. It gives me confidence over where to spend marketing budget and allocate resources.

Anton Newcombe